How to keep your home safe this summer
Wednesday 12th July 2017 09:15 Crime Derbyshire News Posted by Adam Higgins

Police are offering advice to help keep your home safe this summer, whether you’re enjoying the sunshine in Derbyshire or travelling elsewhere.

There have been a number of burglaries in the county in recent weeks which police say could have been prevented if doors and windows had been secured.

It can be tempting in the warmer weather to leave windows open in the day time while you’re away from home but opportunistic thieves can use this chance to sneak in and grab items like phones, wallets or bags. This also applies to leaving doors open while you’re in the garden.

When you’re going away this summer, police advise that the best thing you can do is make sure your home doesn’t look empty. If you can, ask a relative, trusted friend or neighbour to look after your house. Ask them to open your curtains in the day and close them at night and collect any post while you’re away.

They also say to make sure you have up-to-date contents and building insurance and security mark your belongings, as well as take photos of valuable items, like jewellery.

Tips to make your house look lived in include:
· Using automatic timer switches to turn lamps on in your house when it gets dark
· Cancelling any milk, newspaper or other deliveries
· Mowing the lawn before you leave so it won’t look so overgrown while you’re away
· If you’re away for a long period, ask the Royal Mail about their ‘keep safe’ service, where they will keep your post for up to two months

But it’s not just physical security that can help.

Police also advice that you make sure you don’t post on social media that you’re going away from home. You might want your friends to know about your trip, but remember that strangers may be able to see that post too.

Avoid discussing travel plans where strangers might hear about your absence from home.

Before you leave home, check you’ve locked all external doors and windows and any side gates. Make sure your garage and shed are secure and set your burglar alarm, if you have one.