Repair work to start at Glossop Golf Club
Friday 14th July 2017 19:28 Glossop Chronicle News Posted by Adam Higgins

Work is due to start to repair stream embankments at Glossop Golf Club. 

The damage was caused by heavy rain several weeks ago.

The repair work will start with the area in front of the ninth green and up-stream on Monday (July 17).

As a result, the ninth and 18th holes will be out of action to players between Mondays and Fridays until further notice.

The brook course will return to 18 holes at weekends.

The club advise social golfers to make their way carefully across to the 10th tee once they have putted out on the eighth green.

Once work at this location has been completed, the contractor will move to repair a further three areas of collapsed embankment alongside the second fairway.

Club secretary Graham Dodd said: “This work is necessary to retain the integrity of the brook course while preventing further encroachment onto our playing surfaces.”