New mental health group coming to Glossop
Monday 7th August 2017 15:51 Glossop Chronicle News Posted by Adam Higgins

A new mental health group is coming to Glossop for the first time next month.

Called ‘The Phillips Project’, it’s been created by 21-year-old Danielle Phillips, from Hadfield, who has suffered with her mental health on a regular basis for nine years.

It’s aimed at young adults between the age of 18 and 30 from Glossop and the surrounding areas who can go along for support and socialisation.

The mother-of-two, who lives on Mersey Bank Road, hopes the positive sessions will help other people who are going through similar experiences to her.

Danielle told the Chronicle: “I decided to set up a mental health group in Glossop so that people realise that they are not alone, to become friends with people who understand and to socialise.

“The nearest group is in Tameside and there isn’t anything like this for the people of Glossopdale.

“One in six people fight mental health every week and I also know that the Manor House surgeries in Glossop and Hadfield have more than 3,000 patients who suffer with mental health.

“After lots of organisation, meetings, e-mails and phone calls, I am so excited about the group and to be the founder is even better.”

Danielle got the idea to set up the group after embarking on a sponsored 5k walk by doing three laps of Manor Park in May, which raised a fantastic £1,030 for national charity Mental Health UK.

She added: “The waiting list for therapy can be up to three years and I hope that even if this is a temporary thing for some people, it will help them while they are left waiting.

“Eventually, I hope to extend the age range so that there are separate groups for different age ranges.

“I hope to help those people suffering and together we will fight the mental health stigma. I think people should be able to speak about it without it being frowned up as just having a bad day.”

Danielle is also encouraging anyone who thinks they may be suffering with their mental health to come along.

“I’m a very friendly person and very welcoming. If anyone is feeling isolated, suicidal, having anxious thoughts or feeling down on more than just one day, I would love for you to come to the group.”

It comes after Danielle created a Facebook group back in March for mental health sufferers to talk to each other, which has since attracted around 1,300 people from as far as America and Australia.

One user of the group is mother-of-one Yvonne Turner, who has suffered with her mental health for 10 years and found it very useful.

The 25-year-old said: “I joined the group whilst I was pregnant with my daughter and it helped me to keep my mind off social services and my mental health.

“Danielle is an absolute inspiration and the group has helped me find the ability to talk openly about my mental health issues without being judged.

“It’s a fun, free, easy place where there are a lot of supportive people who want to keep everything safe and everyone is treated with respect, whatever their mental health issue. It’s a great distraction technique.”

The child-friendly sessions will take place at Glossop’s Central Methodist Church on Chapel Street and the first meeting will be held on Thursday, September 7, between 12:30pm and 2:30pm.

It will be discussed at the meeting how often the group will meet going forward and there will be occasional visits from mental health professionals, who will offer further advice.

Anyone who requires any further information about the group can message Danielle on Facebook or e-mail her at [email protected].


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Support: Founder of the group Danielle Phillips (left) and Central Methodist Church in Glossop (right) where the sessions will take place