Glossop teenagers turn to table tennis
Thursday 7th September 2017 10:33 Glossop Chronicle Sports Posted by Adam Higgins

There have been big changes in the Glossop and District Table Tennis League, with more youngsters than ever signed on and some seeking added glory in the National Junior League. 

The local league starts the new season next week, with most of the teenage players coming from the Glossop Table Tennis Club – run and coached by Dennis Schofield, Barry Fordham and new coach Pete Davies.

Impressed by the wealth of talent nurtured by them at their Saturday afternoon coaching sessions at St Philip Howard Sports Centre, the club has entered another team in the league’s third division.

It makes six overall and because they play games at Glossop Band Room, teams go under the Bandits A to F tag.

There are two in the first division, one in the second and three in the third.

Commenting on the F team, Barry told the players: “You will lose a lot of matches at first, but by halfway through the season, you will be frightening the life out of the old timers.”

Dinting Cricket Club is the only new club in the league this year.

The national league doesn’t start until next month, so Glossop’s three teams will have plenty of time to hone their games locally.

Dennis said: “The teams will represent the Glossop and District League with the players coming from the Glossop and Chinley clubs.

“They will play once a month at Halton Sports Centre in Widnes against other National Junior League teams.”

Dennis believes the exposure to players from other leagues will be a great experience for them and will be a benefit to both the club and the Glossop league.

The Glossop club now has more teenagers than adults regularly turning up for the Saturday afternoon sessions.

That’s because there is such a wide age range, with at least one grandfather and grandson combination playing in the league.

On the National Junior League scene, early indications show Toby Kalnins, Max White, James Krassowski and Aidan Davies, will make up Team A; Luke Dixon, Robbie Jackson, Archie Chilton and Connor Rogers in Team B; and Dylan McGrath, Elliot Higginbottom, Alex Yates and Finn Clothier in the Team C.