League of Gentlemen filming continues
Thursday 12th October 2017 14:15 Hadfield News Posted by Adam Higgins

By David Jones
Pictures by John Parkins 

Hadfield became a virtual ‘no go’ area last Sunday as the BBC’s film crews sealed off the main street. 

Glossopdale’s biggest village was being transformed into Royston Vasey for the latest major outdoor shooting.

The League of Gentlemen had taken over Station Road for another full day of filming.

It meant the road being shut from the Bank Street junction to the War Memorial.

A huge crane in the middle of the road also closed Market Street so that cameramen could capture aerial shots.

But it didn’t stop fans with cameras crowding around the ‘road closed’ barriers to grab pictures of stars Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith.

The Chronicle’s John Parkins was there taking pictures of scenes which will be seen by millions when the three-part special, celebrating the programme’s 20th anniversary, is screened later this year.

It’s likely to be just as zany as the three previous series which were said to have been screened in around 100 different countries.

The series also saw Hadfield develop its own cottage tourist industry.

The latest series gives Royston Vasey, a.k.a. Hadfield, a passport picture booth, a vet’s surgery and a food bank.

There’s also a zone where tramps are clamped while, further up the street, there are shops selling soup and tyres.

But on Tuesday, which was the final day of filming exterior shop scenes, they were all boarded up. It was a similar scene at the popular Palatine pub.

Could this be the end of Royston Vasey?

Here are some more of our pictures of the filming in Hadfield…